Community of Consumers at Your Back

What is ShopMob?

We’re an online community of unbiased shopping experts that help you find, buy and brag about big deals and great outcomes. ShopMob is like eHarmony for eCommerce. Our mission is to learn and match your needs with those of a business best suited to meet them, in order to foster a win-win outcome. After all, why should a business relationship be any different than a personal one? Win-lose really sucks, right?


The ShopMob Philosophy

ShopMob was developed with a single goal—to level the playing field for consumers before, during, and after the sale. Our philosophy is that an empowered consumer makes better choices, which results in better outcomes—every time. We structured our business to be unbiased and transparent. How else can we expect our customers to share important aspects of their lives? In addition, we’re 100% certain the only way to earn your trust is to give you complete control over your personal information and data. Unlike “free” websites that mine and sell your data to companies you’ve never heard of, we don’t!


The ShopMob Recipe for Win-Win Outcomes



  • Given most of us begin the purchase process by researching products, businesses and brands, we created reviuber.com to save our members’ time by bringing reliable, validated sources of information (i.e. smartphone and automotive reviews) to one place. This is where consumers author product and service reviews, and attach a proof of purchase. Cool, eh? Yup, but we don’t stop there! We filter useless reviews and present you with only those that match what you’re looking for.



  • At this stage you know what you want and what you don’t, so now it’s time to shop for deals. Our research tells us there are a bunch of purchase categories where consumers would rather wash toilets than shop for quotes (smartphones, mortgages, insurance, and automobiles, to name a few). Our solution: Concierge Shopping Services. We find you the best deals. We shop. You save!



  • When it’s time to buy, we offer the ability to hire an unbiased expert to negotiate a major transaction, such as a car purchase, on your behalf.



  • Did you save time, save money, avoid a hassle and get exactly what you wanted? Head to reviuber.com and author a review to let the world know how smart you are. You’ll be part of our growing community of consumers that look out for and back each other up.



  • In the unfortunate event that a purchase goes south, don’t worry. There’s a crowd at your back along with ShopMob’s in-house customer advocate team to help you get what you paid for.


Designed for hard-working, educated e-shoppers, our portfolio of applications and shopping services simplify your busy life.