Introducing Concierge Shopping Services

Hello shoppers,


At ShopMob, we believe it makes sense for busy people to avoid the hassle, the learning curve and the consequences that plague so many buyers of big ticket items like cars, smartphones, tires etc. We’re going to be ‘the’ online destination where consumers get what they paid for, hassle-free deals!

It’s no secret the pace of life is getting faster and faster and consumers are challenged to make purchase decisions in a shorter time frame. And don’t doubt that businesses are set up to take advantage of shoppers that haven’t done their due diligence. For sure sometimes it works out in our favour but most times… well, let’s just say it could have gone better. So, what’s a busy consumer going to do? Most people I’ve talked to about this subject tell me they’d rather pay more than suffer the hassles and time it takes to find and hammer out the best deal with a bunch of vendors. It takes a very specific buyer type that knows the market and isn’t afraid to negotiate hard to reach a deal.

            Happy Outcome

Happy Outcome


This is what ShopMob’s Concierge Shopping Services will do for you.

We shop. You save!


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