100% Money Back Guarantee

When considering our Concierge Shopping Services you have peace of mind knowing that your payment will be cheerfully refunded if we don’t deliver what we promised, or if you are not completely satisfied. Our reputation depends on it. 

What sets us apart is how we work with our customers to create win-win outcomes. Sometimes, unfortunate stuff happens. ShopMob knows a good company can be measured by how its employees behave when a customer is not satisfied with what they paid for. To that end, our goal is to save you time, money and hassles, so the last thing we want you to experience is, well, a hassle. If we don’t follow through on our agreement, or if you are less than completely happy with our service, we will refund your payment.

Your refund will be applied to the same credit card that paid for the service within three business days. I guarantee it!

Image Steve MC

Steve Côté
Founder and President